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You should have seen a slide-in popup just about after 5 seconds you landed on this article which too had one. Once you fill up and click on the button, you are redirected to the specific page where your bonus is kept ready for you. The content upgrade is used on a particular set of content rather than offering them site-wide as the same.

A content upgrade is basically an ethical bribe , also known as a lead magnet. Gone are the days when people intentionally left their emails to subscribe to a particular blog just for receiving its updates. The content upgrade is all about value. Also note, They should not be used on each and every blog posts. Google Analytics has everything you need to get started with targeting specific posts for placing content upgrades for the best conversion results. You can use any of your long content which is over words.

Requests to download Apps or watch videos have a higher uptake rate when prize rewards are offered!

You can use Canva , Stencil or Snappa. These are online graphics tools and work the way you want. Simple go to any of the tools and select a type of graphic you want to create. You can use this tutorial to create an Infographic , Cheatsheet or an E-book.

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Each of the tools is free to get started with. Using the spreadsheet. Use Microsoft Excel or Google spreadsheet to make a data cheatsheet you can use as a lead magnet. It takes no more than 10 minutes. You can use your top 10 or top 25 list content for doing that.

Also note that if you have nothing to use, Microsoft Word is still a great option to create an eBook. Just make sure you take time in proofreading and designing your eBook. There are a very few WordPress plugins that can create content upgrade right from your WordPress dashboard but the main fact is, Less than 5 of these are actually working as of I tried them, all of the 8 plugins. The best part of using it is a mutual benefit. When you get the content upgrade, you can actually get more benefits for free and the one who offered it to you can now reach you with an email anytime.

You would be eager to know how you could actually make a content upgrade right from your WordPress dashboard with the help of a plugin.


Before that have a look at the tool we are going to use. Beacon also known as Beacon.

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With Beacon, you can create:. Beacon can be used with any blog publishing platform including WordPress, HubSpot, Blogger, and ghost. So, Its quite compatible. Below are the steps you need to follow to create an awesome content upgrade in less than 5 minutes using Beacon publishing and lead generation tool.

Its very easy to use and I enjoy the various customization options they offer. Beacon is actually free to use.

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Alternatively, you can skip this step if you wish to give Beacon a try before. Login to your Beacon account and go to the dashboard. Here, you will see a create a new button, you have to click on that. And the standard beacons can only be controlled and monitored locally in that one store, through Bluetooth if each beacon is paired with a smartphone or a physical connection. Pairing sets up a connection between Bluetooth devices, such as when you pair your smartphone with your Bluetooth headphones. Mesh beacons, which utilize capabilities in version 4.

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If one of the mesh beacons is connected to the Internet, the mesh network can communicate with the cloud. This means, for instance, that a customer standing in an aisle could send a very brief message via her smartphone app to the store, asking for assistance. Customer phones would need to have Bluetooth 4. In a mesh network, as with standard beacons, the graphics of a coupon and other byte-heavy components of a location-targeted message can live in the app.

But uBeacons can receive the dynamic info — pricing, product data, and the like — via the Net through the mesh network, and then send that data to the customer. Wi-Fi or cellular data is not required for the customer, as is the case with standard beacons. Additionally, all mesh networks in all locations can be controlled via one browser-based dashboard. In addition to the beacons themselves, Ubudu also provides server software. Like cell phones that use mesh technology , mesh beacons are a form of peer-to-peer networking. He added that he expects competitors in the mesh beacon space to emerge.

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  • Currently, Ubudu says about apps have been built for its mesh technology, and it has been installed as beta environments with unnamed retailers in Canada, France, and elsewhere in Europe. Although there is no standard yet for mesh beacons, Saphir said there are some efforts underway to make that happen.